About DDos Attack on the web server security


Distributed-Denial-of-Service commonly abbreviated DDOS is a form of barrage against a computer through the internet. This form of attack affects the performance of Computer and could eventually make computer slow and give damage to the computer.

This form of attack is usually done with a few or many computers that have been used as a intermediary to attack one target victim which typically is a web server.

1. Provide safer bandwidth
By enlarging the bandiwidth capacity is expected to take more Computer attackers to cripple web server. However, this requires additional funding which may not be less. So using this you must consider who you are?
2. Using DDOS mitigation services
Look for a hosting service provider and domain that has been anticipating the DDOS attack. They have special measures to overcome this problem DDOS Attack with automatic tools and some technicians who are experts in this attack problems in real-time. So Choose a good web hosting service provider.
3. Limiting Connectivity
Use additional security devices such as firewalls are good, by limiting access or attack either from the outside or from within.

Security issue is the main problem by the most hosting providers, web developers and website owners, because it influences the performance and their business.

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