How to manage website and website strategy

The website is used as a source of information for users to get the information needed. Website used by the company as a medium for conveying information about products and corporate identities. The website is now as media is believed to be an important media to the level of sales. However, it should be backed up with a good strategy and knowledge.

Things to be consider before has a website:

  • Define goals and targets of making website
  • Prepare a person to manage the website. Determine the person who has the capability or the ability to manage the website, it would be better to have knowledge of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or understand themselves about the basic techniques of SEO and website.
  • Select a website developer who is experienced and have enough knowledge of the world and its development website. Pick a website developer who can provide regular updates to the website either for security updates, system, bugs etc. It is very influential on future constraints
  • Consult on the website developer about creating a website on the basic idea, content, features, and design.

Manage Website

    • Always update content, it can be filled with writing articles that relate to your business. It is very good for the marketing website, the more articles the better for marketing website.
    • Create content that is interesting to read by the users and would provide benefits to them
    • Give the original content is not derived from “Copy Paste Content” from another website

The mistakes made in managing the website

  • Non-availability of skilled human resources in particular for managing website
  • Website only for prestige not as a function, so that website is not managed properly, without updates and even left alone
  • Admin do not know Search Engine Optimization management techniques, as well as writing articles that are search engine friendly and human friendly. This causes difficulty website found in the search engines
  • A website without marketing

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