How to maximize Organic Search (Basic SEO)

What is Organic Search
Organic search is the search results will automatically appear at online search engines (eg google, bing, yahoo etc). To be found by online search engines organically, we do not need to pay any fees. But we must know how to keep web / blog can appear on their home page. The opposite is a non-organic as paid per click advertising. When you do a search on a search engine, you will get organic search results and ads related to words on page.

How to Maximize
1. Keywords
Select keywords that have a good opportunity to look at the search engine and Always write down the keywords that are relevant to the content of the web article / blog as the title of the post, by reading the title of the post according to the keywords searched by the user, will further enable the user to visit a website or blog.

2. Use Title And Meta Description
Every search engine use Title and Meta Description to displaying the result of words search. If you don’t create meta description on your website content, the search engine will automatic create the meta description based on content automatically. It would be better if you fill the meta description manually and it has to contain the keyword that was searched for. Create interesting titles to draw people’s attention so they attempt to click the link.

3. Make sure your website will be found by Search Engine
To speed up indexed by the search engines you should register your website if required. You can check whether your website has been indexed by typing “site:” on a search engine. Will be shown how many pages have been indexed.

4. Web Master Tools
Every search engine have web master tools that used to examine your website. It is very nice to know the website traffic everyday and some other supporting tools that support your needs. On google you can visit

Above are some basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques that you should know to increase your website visitors.

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